Nora Trudeau is the former Founder of Violet Education Creations.  Violet Education Creations mission is to provide hands-on, creative resources for a diverse population of students.  As an education professional Nora has worked with student populations K-12 and intensive needs students with a variety of learning challenges.  It is her passion to support and equal and fair access to education for all students.

Nora currently holds a full-time role as a Faculty Training and Development Facilitator for the Center of Online Learning and Teaching (COLT) and as an Adjunct Faculty member at Southern New Hampshire University.

Nora is also a passionate freelance writer who resides in New Hampshire. She grew up influenced by the likes of Erma Bombeck, Douglas Adams and Berkeley Breathed. Inspired by all things musical she is a lover of Blues, Jazz and Rock ‘N Roll. She has held careers working in Health and Wellness, Finance, Human Resources, and Special Education. Nora holds a BA in English and Writing with a concentration in Non-Fiction from SNHU , as well as a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration. Nora enjoys technical writing, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and developing classroom curriculum materials.